Multi-stock and Production Sites

Multiple physical stocks and/or production sites are configured in this section.

When this functionality is switched on at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions, a new section named Production sites/Stocks appears under Settings, where it is possible to define the different sites and their addresses.

If several stocks or sites (no functional difference) are defined, the following functionality is available.

In Stock:

  • In all functions and reports, a particular stock/site can be selected, or an overview of all sites can be seen;
  • Min. stock value for the product can be defined for each stock;
  • A default storage location (bin) for an item at every stock should be defined;
  • The Transfer Orders section appears, which is for moving goods between stocks. The functionality is the same as for Shipments

In Procurement:

  • When creating a purchase order, a site must be selected for each line;
  • Items on one PO can be ordered to different sites.
  • "Ship To" address of the site is printed on the PO PDF.

In Production planning:

  • A production site can be selected in different functions and reports;
  • A production site needs to be selected for every work station;


  • When booking goods for a customer order, a stock needs to be chosen;

User rights

For adding stocks/production sites (in Settings -> Production sites/Stocks), or creating Transfer Orders, the user needs to have appropriate rights set in  Settings -> Human Resources -> User rights.