User Manual

Non-inventory items

The Non-inventory items functionality gives the ability to use non-inventory stock items, i.e. to turn off inventory tracking for some items.

Usage of non-inventory items:

  • Non-inventory items can only be used in Purchase Orders (e.g. Office supplies) and Invoices (e.g. Shipping cost).
  • Non-inventory items cannot be used in BOMs, Manufacturing Orders, or Customer Orders.
  • These items are not part of inventory or inventory management - these items do not have stock lots, bookings, etc. 

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Non-inventory items.

If this functionality is enabled, then:

  • The setting This is an inventory item (Yes/No) will become available when creating a new article at Stock -> Items. This setting Defaults to "Yes".
  • Once the item has been saved, then this setting cannot be changed. An inventory item cannot be converted to non-inventory and vice-versa.