Purchase orders

The Procurement -> Purchase orders shows a list of all the purchase orders to your vendors and subcontractors. New purchase orders can be added from here.

Use the drop-down menu above the table to choose whether to show a list of "Purchase orders" or a list of all "Items" ordered.

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  1. Demo video: Purchasing management.
  2. Purchase order details.
  3. Low inventory alerts.
  4. Automatically create purchase orders.
  5. Managing subcontractors.
  6. Procurement FAQ.

Low inventory alerts

There are two reports that show what needs to be ordered and which help to easily raise necessary Purchase Orders:

  1. Procurement -> Requirements. 
    • A list of items missing in specific sales and manufacturing orders.
  2. Procurement -> Critical on-hand.
    • A list of items for which availability is below their Reorder point (ROP).

These reports are automatically generated based on the information from stock, customer orders, and manufacturing orders.

Automatically created purchase orders

New POs can appear in the list when the Sales Manager chooses to automatically create POs for missing parts while booking products for the customer orders.


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