User Manual

Storage Location Details

The storage location details page allows defining new, editing, or deleting an existing storage location.

A storage location is a location inside one warehouse, e.g. an area, a bin, or a shelf.

For adding a storage location:

  1. Go to Stock -> Stock settings -> Storage locations and click Create Create
    Or click Add a new storage location from any storage location choice menu.
  2. Enter the name of the storage location.
  3. Save.

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  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. How to move items between internal storage locations?
  3. How to transfer items to another warehouse?

Tips and tricks

  • Different pieces of one article can be in different locations at one time. An item's default storage location can be set in the item's details.
  • The location number one cannot be deleted (displayed in italic), this is the default generic stock location. It can be renamed from this screen, or from Settings -> System settings -> Regional settings -> Generic name of an undefined place in stock.
  • If you need to use different warehouses, then the Multi-stock and Production Sites functionality must be used.