Interested in Authorized Consultant Program?

We collaborate with professional ERP/MRP consulting companies to help our clients get the most out of MRPeasy. Our clients are small and medium-sized manufacturers who sometimes need professional implementation consultation at their location.

About the program:

  • Consultants learn MRPeasy on their own, as they have previous ERP/MRP systems implementation experience.
  • To be Authorized Consultant you must have at least one successful MRPeasy implementation.
  • Consultants provide consulting services directly to the client, on client expense.
  • The client contacts the Consultant directly or can be sent by MRPeasy if the client requests for a consultant in the area.
  • We provide to Authorized Consultant a free Enterprise account for consultations and demos, with limited support from our side.
  • To become an Authorized Consultant the consulting company should have at least 3 full-time consultants.
  • We promote Partner’s consulting service when our logo is published on the Partner’s website alongside with the link to our website.

If you already have successful MRPeasy implementation experience and agree with the above mentioned, please fill in the form below: