Interested in the Authorized Consultant Program?

MRPeasy collaborates with professional ERP/MRP consulting companies to help its clients get the most out of MRPeasy. MRPeasy’s clients are small and medium-sized manufacturers who sometimes require professional implementation consultation at their location.

About the program:

  • Consultants learn MRPeasy on their own, as they possess previous ERP/MRP systems implementation experience.
  • A consultant provides MRPeasy implementation project service directly to the client, at the client’s expense.
  • A client contacts the ‘Consultant’ directly, or it can be directed by MRPeasy if the client requests a consultant in the area.
  • To apply to be an Authorized Consultant you should complete several successful MRPeasy implementation projects.
  • MRPeasy provides a forever free Enterprise account to the ‘Authorized Consultant’ for consultations and demonstrations.
  • To become an Authorized Consultant, the consulting company should have at least 3 full-time consultants and a physical office in the country, where MRPeasy works/supports clients.
  • MRPeasy provides a regular flow of high-quality leads from its website when the MRPeasy logo is published on the partner’s website alongside the partner link (or just a link) to the MRPeasy website.

If you are interested in a partnership with MRPeasy on the aforementioned terms, please fill in the form below:

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