More than 300 customers trust MRPeasy

Paula Staples, Executive Project Manager, Owen Mumford

Woodstock, UK

We have been very pleased with MRPeasy. The package has been very well designed to the point you can successfully start the project without a heavy dependence on a project manager or consultants.

Brad Cooper, Owner, Steam Bell Beer Works

Richmond, VA, USA

I own a brewery in Richmond, VA and am very in love with this software. The functionality is far more superior and economical than similar programs especially developed for the brewing industry.

Jean-Nicholas Crepin, Production Engineer, JGR Optics Inc.


I’ve tested several MRP systems over the past few months, and nothing has been as simple to use, affordable, and with the ability to handle assembly variants like MRPeasy.

Todd Blaudow, Artic Solar, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

In selecting MRPeasy, I looked at many options for the new venture, but chose MRPeasy primarily because it is cloud based… and also for its forecasting features, simplicity, and flexible low price per user!

The cloud based software capabilities definitely fit our business model on the go.  We can work 24/7 from anywhere!

Alex Loo, Senior Systems Engineer, Cape Productions Inc.

Redwood City, CA, USA

Working with MRPeasy has been a great experience. After investigating and demoing several MRP services, we chose MRPeasy as their offering was most closely matched what we were looking for.

Additionally, they were incredibly proactive in addressing and implementing our suggestions, even before we became customers. Since implementing their service, we have been able to effectively track our inventory, understand the total dollar value committed, and better document how the piece parts are consumed into finished products.

Scott James, General Manager, Horizon Aluminium Boats

Currumbin Waters, QLD, Australia

1. Which doubts and hesitations did you have before subscribing?

The main doubts and hesitations was will the program suit our needs with regards to the way we manufacture. We manufacture aluminium boats ranging from 2.4m up to 6.1m with 80 models in-between and over 200 different options available and custom modifications also available. So given this we had to make sure the program will allow us to create BOM and allow us to track the process on the factory floor.  At this point we feel given time to understand and use the program it will work for our needs.

2. What made you choose our software?

Cloud based, this way we can log in when we are in a customer’s showroom and give them live updates on production schedule. And also the help section of the software and your communication.

3. Would you recommend MRPeasy?

So far yes we would!

Väinö Komulainen, Project Manager, AX-Design

Myrskylä, Finland

Why I have chosen MRPeasy for AX-Design:

  • I registered a free test perioid and I was pleased to see how simple, clear and fast software was to use
  • Absolutely fantastic customer service to contact and tell our needs and suggestions for the software to make it easy to use
  • Price!
  • We have discovered that the software helps us very much to record all data for products that we sell and have to invoice customers

Sandy Bruschies, Team & Management Assistant

Nielsen Services Germany GmbH

We really appreciated you took the time and all our matters so serious.

Henning Wedell, Senior Project Manager SCM

HelloFresh Deutschland AG & Co. KG

MRPeasy fits our requirements and was easy to get.

Francois Byrne, Hybrid Power Solutions

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Great customer service and overall the product is quite strong. Definitely one of the best bang for your buck.

It is very much a MRP, not an ERP and must integrate with a separate accounting system. The CRM is basic but does everything you need it too. Stock, BOM, and inventory management is excellent. Managing production and assembly orders is a breeze.