Demo videos

1. MRPeasy software demonstration

End-to-end walk-through demonstrating a seamless workflow between sales, production planning and reporting, procurement, stock control, and order fulfillment operations.

Keywords: make to order, make to stock, production planning, materials planning, purchasing, sales, stock control, live reporting.

2. Entering parts and products in MRPeasy

Defining parts and products.

Keywords: products, parts, articles, SKU, purchase terms, bill of materials, routing, production operation

3. Production management in MRPeasy

Planning manufacturing, drag-and-drop rescheduling in the production schedule, and reporting in MRPeasy.

Keywords: manufacturing order, planning and scheduling, production schedule, Gantt chart, dynamic rescheduling, shop floor reporting

4. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software for SMB

My Production Plan and Internet-Kiosk are MRPeasy modules for shop floor control and execution reporting.

Keywords: manufacturing execution system, MES software, production reporting system , shop floor control, shop floor management

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in MRPeasy

How to create customer contacts, quotations, customer orders, invoices, shipments, and manage sales in MRPeasy.

Keywords: sales pipeline, quotation, customer order, invoice, shipment, discount, margin, tax