Manufacturing Execution System (Internet-Kiosk) in MRPeasy

My Production Plan and Internet-Kiosk are MRPeasy modules for shop floor control and execution reporting (manufacturing execution system – MES)
Internet-Kiosk is a simple environment designed for line workers.

  • How to report operations and material consumption in real-time.
  • How to see operation details, required materials, stock lots and storage locations, attachments and files, etc.

User Manual: Internet-kiosk

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Video transcript on using MRPeasy manufacturing execution system:

MRPeasy Production reporting and setting up users for workers

This guide helps you learn how to use MRPeasy manufacturing execution system:
1) How shop-floor workers, in real-time, can see their tasks by using “My production plan”.
2) Report the progress of production operations by using the “Internet-kiosk”.
3) How to set up workers on MRPeasy.

How to use the Internet-kiosk for real-time reporting

The reporting view called the “Internet-kiosk” is mainly designed for tablets and smartphones, for simplified real-time reporting. It can be accessed directly from a browser, from the MRPeasy iOS, or Android app.

It shows the list of operations assigned to the user, and buttons to report progress in real-time:

  1. Click the “Play” button to start an operation.
  2. If you take a break, click “Pause” and report how many products were processed thus far.
  3. Click “Play” to start again, and “Finish” to end the operation and report the quantity of the last part of processed products.
  4. Once the first operation is finished, then, by default, all booked materials will be marked “consumed from stock.”

When using the Internet-kiosk, once the final operation of an order is finished, the manufacturing order is automatically finalized, and the products are counted into stock.
If the advanced mode of Internet-kiosk is turned on, it’s also possible to see the list of materials and attached files.
If several workers share one device, then they can easily switch users with a single click.

How to use My Production Plan to follow your tasks in real-time

The “My production plan” section of MRPeasy is for viewing and reporting more details in real-time. It is possible to see attached files, target lot number, lists of materials and their stock locations.

Adding additional materials and reporting consumption is also possible.

Extra bookings to materials can be added with the “plus” button on a materials line, which will bring up the list of available parts in stock.

If some other items need to be added, which were not part of the bill of materials, then by clicking the “plus” button on the top corner of the materials table, you can add these new items.

  1. At first, all materials are booked, meaning that these are reserved for this order, but these are not consumed from stock yet.
  2. There are two options for marking materials consumed – either line-by-line, by clicking the shopping cart icon at a material’s line and entering the quantity consumed, or by entering a number of processed products and consuming the various parts according to the bill of materials of the product.
  3. If a material was marked consumed in error, it can be unconsumed by entering the consumption with a “minus” sign.
  4. However, as a default configuration in MRPeasy, all booked materials will automatically be marked consumed from stock after the end of the very first operation of an order.

Reporting the start and stop of operations works the same as in the Internet-kiosk.

If the reported quantity from the last operation is different from the planned order quantity, then you can update the order quantity to reflect over-or-under production.
Lastly, the manufacturing order must be finalized by clicking the “Finish production” button. If some materials have been booked, but not consumed, the system will ask if you wish to release these back to stock or mark these consumed.
Now, we’ve finished the production.

User settings for workers

Importantly, all workers must be added as users to your account in MRPeasy. This is done in the Human resources tab in the Settings part of MRPeasy.

If you are a worker, then you only need access to either the “My production plan” section or the “Internet-kiosk” section of MRPeasy.

For accessing the “Internet-kiosk,” all other access rights must be removed.

Here, in the user’s details, you can also add an hourly wage for each worker, which then will be used to calculate the labor cost of production.

Manufacturing execution system departments functionality

In addition, it is possible to group workers into Departments, whereas one worker can be part of several departments. This function is useful when there are several workers with a certain skill set, and it’s not necessary or possible to assign a specific worker upfront.

The production operations can be assigned to departments instead of workers.

All workers part of a department can see all open operations that are assigned to their department. Once a worker starts an operation, then this worker will be saved for the operation, and others will not see it any longer.

It’s possible to assign default departments for operations.

It’s also possible to assign default departments’ workstations.

It’s important to keep in mind that when a manufacturing order is created, then a workstation’s default worker, if specified, is always assigned to the operation, instead of the default worker, which is specified in the routing.

In this video, we demonstrated how real-time production reporting works in MRPeasy.

To learn more about the functionality of MRPeasy, please see our other videos!

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