May 2024

  • The “Expiry date” column can now be added to the Materials view in Manufacturing Order PDFs.
  • Status colors in Customer Orders and Manufacturing Orders lists have been improved.
  • Source statuses in Customer Orders now reflect the underlying source order’s status more accurately.
  • Reference and Notes fields have been added to the Customer Portal.

April 2024

  • Vendor prepayments and vendor credits

You can now record prepayments made to vendors and credits received from vendors within Purchase Orders.

You can create prepayment invoices and credit invoices in POs after you enable the system setting “Several invoices per PO” and configure “Separate invoices and deliveries = Yes”.

More info in our User Manual:

Vendor prepayment invoices:

Vendor credit invoices:

  • B2B Customer Portal

We are pleased to announce the MRPeasy B2B customer portal. You can use it to provide selected customers with an online environment for placing orders, tracking order progress, and accessing invoices. The portal is directly linked with your MRPeasy CRM and is available by default starting from MRPeasy’s Professional edition.

The Customer Portal empowers your customers to:

  • Place orders.
  • Monitor order statuses, dates, and tracking numbers.
  • Access their invoices.

Check out the demo video for more information:

For a full breakdown of the functionality, visit our user manual:

March 2024

  • Serial numbers added to Shipments API.
  • Tracing OFF: ability to manually increase/decrease material bookings in subcontracting POs.
  • Stock lot information added to Premature Orders report.

February 2024

  • PDF files can be displayed in the file previewer in MRPeasy.
  • The print time field is available for labels.
  • The due date is included in the MO information in the Gantt chart view.
  • Dark theme

MRPeasy is now available in an all-new Dark theme, for two color schemes: Nordic and Tropic. To switch between the themes, navigate to Settings → System Settings → Usability settings → Color Theme.

January 2024

  • Enhanced Webhooks configuration

Webhooks for Payment Status and Shipments: You can now configure webhooks for payment status changes of CO and status changes of shipments.

How to set it up: go to MRPeasy → Settings → System Settings → Integrations → Webhooks.

December 2023

  • MRPeasy’s fresh new look

We are excited to announce that our designers have created a sleek, modern user interface to make your experience with MRPeasy even better. Try it out by selecting the new look in: Settings -> System Settings -> Usability Settings -> Color Scheme.

You can also keep using the current appearance for now. Be advised that an automatic transition will take place in January 2024.

November 2023

  • Updates to the Subcontracting functionality

When you wish to free issue materials to a subcontractor from a Purchase Order, you must now explicitly pre-select the BOM in the Purchase Term of the item.

The options to book and ship materials in the PO are not shown anymore if the selected Purchase Term is not connected with a BOM.

This change increases clarity and helps to prevent mistakes by providing greater control over which BOMs must be used for subcontracting and which BOMs for internal manufacturing.

  • Introducing the option to disable tracing

Following the beta phase, the ‘Tracing’ functionality in our software is now fully available.

This update is especially useful for those who do not require detailed tracking of inventory lots, as it significantly reduces inventory management overhead. Disabling tracking simplifies inventory management by automating bookings and more efficiently prioritizing orders.

For more information on how to utilize this new setting, please refer to our User Manual:

  • Storage location added to item’s “Bookings” report

October 2023

  • New report “Premature orders” in Procurement -> Statistics

This report shows the items purchased and the time between expected arrival and first use. If the timeframe between arrival and use is too long, it would be wise to postpone the purchase order to avoid overstocking. A detailed description is available in the User Manual at:

  • New report “Shortages” in Production Planning -> Statistics

This report gives a complete overview of parts associated with specific manufacturing orders, showing whether they are unbooked or delayed. More info:

  • Added support for serial numbers in disassembly Manufacturing Orders
  • Updated Pipedrive integration

Added support for drop-down type custom fields. The same values must be pre-configured in both Pipedrive and MRPeasy.

  • Updated Google Sheets (via Zapier) integration

Added ability to import multi-product orders. Each line in the Google Sheet should contain a customer order number. If a customer order with this number does not exist in MRPeasy, it will be created. If the order with this number exists, a line will be added to this order.

September 2023

  • Updated OneDrive/SharePoint integration

No more low limit of how many files can be attached per hour.

  • Improved copying RMA invoices, these now stay connected to the original RMA order.

August 2023

  • Master Production Schedule

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) enables you to create a realistic production plan which minimizes overstocking while maximizing on-time delivery. MPS is an essential addition to our existing MRP functionality and is available from the Enterprise plan upwards.
To enable MPS:

Turn on the function at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Master Production Schedule (MPS) = Yes.
Go to Settings -> Human Resources and check Read and Update boxes for MPS. Read more about the MPS functionality from our User Manual:

  • Added total weight to Waybill PDF
  • Added the ability to import the operation order number and sequence when importing a routing from CSV

July 2023

  • Mr. Peasy AI Chatbot is available at MRPeasy

We are excited to announce Mr. Peasy, our new AI Chatbot for MRPeasy.

To ask a question from Mr. Peasy, go to Settings -> Support -> Ask Mr. Peasy. Click the chatbot icon at the bottom of the page, type your question, and press Enter or click Send. Mr. Peasy will promptly respond. More information is available in our User Manual here:

  • “Customer Details” side panel

When creating or updating a customer order or invoice, the “Customer Notes” sidebar has been replaced with a more comprehensive “Customer Details” panel.

This new panel not only displays customer notes but also provides additional information about the customer.

  • Stock aging report

A statistics page has been added to the stock module which contains a new report for stock aging. This report displays a list of items that have not been used for a specified number of days.
To access this page, go to Settings -> Human Resources -> Users, and grant yourself the necessary permissions. Detailed information is available in the User Manual at:

June 2023

  • Improved barcode scanning for Android devices

MRPeasy now offers seamless barcode scanning support for Android devices, enabling you to utilize the built-in scanners effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of scanning barcodes not only within the MRPeasy app but also directly through the web browser.

  • Added the number of packages to shipments, waybills and picking lists
  • Added links to the parts in a Manufacturing Orders to open each item directly
  • Added the weight column to the Waybill Excel export
  • Improved support for barcode scanning with built-in scanners on Android devices
  • Included credit invoices in the dashboard “Sales” widget
  • Improved experience of reporting serial numbered parts in manufacturing orders
  • Removed the internal PDF of invoices

May 2023

  • WooCommerce integration improvement

The WooCommerce integration can now be configured to import unpaid orders as well. Detailed information is available in the User Manual at:

  • Improvement of BOM import

You can now define the unit of measure when importing a BOM from a CSV file. Detailed information is available in the User Manual at:

  • New functionalityTracing” Beta:

We have finished work on a new software setting “Tracing” that allows you to turn off stock lot tracing and tracking if not required. The feature is currently in the beta testing phase and we invite interested testers to try it out. Creating a new test account to participate in the beta test is recommended. Please send us the testing account ID via Support Ticket System as the feature is not yet visible for all. More information about the functionality is available in our User Manual:

  • Added an email notification for when a new inspection is available
  • Added columns for currency and monetary values in the currency to Procurement -> Purchase orders list
  • Added revision column to Procurement -> Purchase orders view by items
  • Added ability to import the unit of measure with the BOM CSV import, for the case when a secondary unit is used (e.g. stock unit of the material  is “kg”, but it’s conversion to “gr” is used in BOM.)

April 2023

  • New quality control notification

We have implemented a new quality control notice for when a new item appears in the Inspections list. More information in our User Manual here:

  • Internet-kiosk: Advanced mode enhancement

By default, only the required quantity is shown for parts. With the enhancement, now it is possible to enable additional columns:

– stock lot
– storage location

Advanced mode setting must be enabled.

  • Report “Content”

This new report lists the stock lots that make up this stock lot. If the product contains subassemblies, then the stock lots from which the used subassemblies are made are also displayed. User Manual article:

  • Added stock lots and storage locations to Advanced Internet-Kiosk mode
  • Improved display of items in shipments. Now they stay in the order as they are in the customer order

March 2023

  • Added the “Available from” dates to Materials Requisition

February 2023

  • Label Printing in Internet Kiosk Mode

There is a new “Printing” button in the Internet kiosk’s advanced mode. This enables printing MO labels and product labels from the internet kiosk using, for example, a Wi-Fi printer.

  • Added a new System Status page:

  • Added ability to print MO and product labels from Advanced Internet-Kiosk
  • Added shipping address to customers CSV export
  • Added ability to create RMA via API

January 2023

  • Colored Source Status functionality

The Customer Orders pipeline view is now color-coded by source status.

  • Forecasts for products with DBOM

It is now possible to calculate forecasts for products with a Disassembly BOM.

  • Setting Up: Email Notifications

Each user can subscribe to personal e-mail notifications about events in the system. For example, when a user is assigned a task, or approval is required, or when order statuses change, and more. Watch the video:

  • Disassembly BOM

The functionality of Disassembly BOM allows you to disassemble (cut) the product into parts.

Disassembly can be a separate process. Or it can be auto-disassembly of the purchased product / kit upon arrival at the warehouse. Watch the video:

  • Added colored source statuses to customer orders pipeline view
  • Added currency column to the Procurement -> Invoices


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