B2B Customer Portal

The B2B Customer Portal functionality provides a web store that your customers can use to place orders, track order progress, and access invoices, and that is deeply connected with your MRPeasy CRM.

The Customer Portal empowers your customers to:

  • Place orders.
  • Monitor order statuses, dates, and tracking numbers.
  • Access their invoices.

User Manual: B2B Customer Portal

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Hi! In this video, we introduce the B2B Customer Portal, a powerful new feature included in MRPeasy’s Professional edition.

The B2B Customer Portal enables you to create a personalized web store for customers of your choice.

Empower customers to browse products, place orders, and track order progress within the portal.

Easily invite customers, list which products they can buy, manage orders, and invoices — all directly through the Portal.

To invite a customer, simply navigate to CRM -> Customers -> Customer details, and click ‘Invite to Portal’.

This will generate a pre-filled email with a unique login link, granting the customer access to their exclusive portal.

The Customer Portal’s Catalog page allows customers to browse products available to them and add them to the cart.

Note that each customer can only view products which are included in the price list personally assigned to them. If you do not use the tiered pricing functionality, then all items with assigned selling prices will be visible to the customer.

After the products are added to the cart, the customer can continue to the Cart page to review the order.

Here it’s possible to make any necessary adjustments. Once ready, the order can be place by pressing “Create order”:

When an order is placed through the Customer Portal, the customer’s assigned MRPeasy Account Manager will receive a new task.

The customer order will be created with the status “Confirmed.”

It should then undergo standard order processing procedures, like estimating a shipping date, invoicing, booking goods, and shipping.

All created invoices related to the order will be accessible to the customer.

.. along with all information about created shipments.

In the My Orders tab of the Customer Portal, customers can easily gain an overview of their orders and order details.

The Order Details page provides customers with comprehensive information about their orders, including order status, estimated shipping date, list of ordered items, issued invoices, shipments, and more.

Note that the totals here exclude taxes; these are shown only on the invoices.

Additionally, customers can conveniently initiate a reorder from this page whenever necessary.

The My Invoices section provides customers convenient access to all invoices issued to them along with payment statuses and invoice details.

The Invoice Details page also gives customers the option to download PDF copies of their invoices.

To enable the B2B Customer Portal functionality, go to Settings – System Settings – Professional Functions – B2B Customer Portal and set the value to Yes.

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