B2B Customer Portal

The B2B Customer Portal functionality provides a web store that your customers can use to place orders, track order progress, and access invoices, and that is deeply connected with your MRPeasy CRM. You can choose which customers receive access and control which products each can see and buy.

The Customer Portal empowers your customers to:

  • Place orders.
  • Monitor order statuses, dates, and tracking numbers.
  • Access their invoices.

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  1. Demo video: Customer Portal.
  2. Setting up.
    1. Enable the Customer Portal functionality.
    2. Invite customers, or revoke their access.
    3. Visibility of products for a customer.
    4. Customer’s currency.
    5. Product icons.
  3. Using the Customer Portal.
    1. Overview.
    2. Ordering.
    3. Processing orders in MRPeasy CRM.
    4. Order statuses in the portal.

Setting up the Customer Portal

Enabling the B2B Customer Portal functionality

The B2B Customer Portal can be enabled at Settings -> System Settings -> Professional Functions -> B2B Customer Portal.

For compatibility with the Customer Portal, the setting Auto-creation of variations of the Matrix BOM functionality should be switched off.

Inviting customers or revoking their access

To invite a customer to the Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to CRM -> Customers -> Customer details.
  2. Press the Invite to Portal button.
  3. The system will generate a pre-filled email for your customer with a unique link for logging into the Customer Portal. Send this email to your customer.
  4. The customer can access the portal by opening their unique link.

To revoke a customer's access from the Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to CRM -> Customers -> Customer details.
  2. Press the Revoke customer from Portal button. This will render the previously shared unique link invalid.

Product visibility in the Customer Portal

The list of products a customer can see and order is determined based on the pricelist assigned to the customer:

  1. If a pricelist is assigned to the customer (part of Tiered Pricing functionality), only the products in the pricelist are visible.
  2. If no pricelist is assigned to the customer, all items with a selling price defined in the item’s details (the default pricelist) are visible.

Customer’s currency

All prices are displayed in the currency assigned to the customer at CRM -> Customers -> Customer details.

If selling prices are defined in a different currency, these will be converted to the customer's currency using the exchange rate specified at Settings -> System Settings -> Additional Currencies.

Using the Customer Portal

Overview of the Customer Portal

In the portal, customers have access to the following pages:

  • Catalog - where customers can add products to the cart.
  • Cart - where customers can review their order and place it.
  • My orders - where customers get a complete overview of all their orders and can access their details.
  • Order details - where customers can see the order details and initiate a reorder.
  • My invoices - where customers get a complete overview of their invoices and can access their details.
  • Invoice details - where customers can see the invoice details and download the PDF copy.

Ordering through the Customer Portal

  1. Adding products to the cart. Upon logging in, customers are directed to the Catalog page. Here, customers can add products to the cart.
  2. Reviewing the cart. Next, on the Cart page (accessible from the top right), customers can review the order and make necessary changes.
  3. Selecting a shipping address. One shipping address can be selected on the Cart page from the addresses defined in the customer’s details in the MRPeasy CRM. If the customer does not have a saved address, the option "Pickup at Vendor’s location" will be used.
  4. Placing an order. The order is confirmed and placed upon clicking the Create Order button on the Cart page.
  5. Invoicing and payments. Once an invoice for the order is created in the MRPeasy CRM, it will be accessible from the portal, along with information about payments.
  6. Shipping. Once a shipment for the order is created in the MRPeasy CRM, it will be visible in the portal.
  7. Reordering. Upon pressing Order again at Customer Portal -> My Orders -> Order details the Cart page is opened and pre-filled with the same items.

Processing portal orders in the MRPeasy CRM

When an order is placed through the Customer Portal:

  • It will appear in a Confirmed status at CRM -> Customer Orders.
  • A new task will notify the customer's account manager of the order.

Subsequently, such orders should be processed as any other orders in the MRPeasy CRM.

Some things to note:

  • Invoices are not created automatically.
  • When the CO delivery date is filled, it will be displayed as the estimated shipping date in the portal.
  • Changes to CO statuses are mirrored in the portal.

CO statuses in MRPeasy CRM and Customer Portal

The Customer Portal displays only customer orders in the following statuses:

CO status in MRPeasy CRM

CO status in Customer Portal



Waiting for production


In production


Ready for shipment

Ready for shipment

Shipped and invoiced




COs with other statuses are not shown in the Customer Portal.


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