User Manual

Price Lists

The CRM -> Pricelists section contains a list of all your sales price lists.

This page allows:

  • creating and editing pricelists,
  • importing price lists.

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  1. What is a price list?
  2. How to update a price list?
  3. How to update an item in all pricelists?
  4. How to import a price list?

What is a price list?

One price list lists your items and a sales price for each. If you have several price lists, then you can assign default pricelists to customers, or choose the desired pricelist in a Customer Order.

If you wish to use pricelists in MRPeasy, then enable the Tiered Pricing functionality at Settings -> System Settings -> Professional functions -> Tiered pricing: Yes.

Updating a price list

There are several methods for updating a price list:

  1. Open the price list at CRM -> Pricelists and edit the prices
  2. Re-upload the price list at CRM -> Pricelists -> Import from CSV
    Read: How to update a price list via CSV upload?

For updating an item in all price lists, open the item details page at Stock -> Items, where you will be able to see the item's prices in all price lists and update them.