User Manual

Demo Data and Videos

In the software section Demo data and videos, you can watch demo videos, upload demo data, and clear the database.

Watch demonstration videos and get up to 9 days FREE

We have three 5-minute videos that describe how MRPeasy works. If you're new, then this is the best start to MRPeasy. If you've had a pause in working with MRPeasy, these are great memory refreshers. Plus, we give 3 free days for each video watched - a total of 9 additional trial days.

Uploading the demo data

As the first step, it's most convenient if some data is already properly uploaded into MRPeasy for general testing. You can upload the same demo data that is used in the videos to test different functions.

Are you not making tables? That's ok, the same principles apply to all industries, from building tables to producing airplanes.

How to delete the demo data and clear the database

There are two options for emptying the database:

  1. To delete all data (except users and settings), click the Empty the database button.
  2. To delete all orders (MO, CO, PO, RMA, SO) and inventory levels only, click the Delete all orders and stock button.
    The so-called seed or master data will remain - customers, vendors, articles, BOMs, Routings, Workstations, etc.

Demo video