User Manual


  • Add Add a new entry
  • Edit Edit an existing entry
  • Bulk editing Bulk editing
  • Choose columns Choose columns to be displayed
  • Search Search by specified conditions
  • Clear Clear the search conditions
  • Reports View reports
  • Important notice Important notice
  • Actions View action log
  • Press and drag up or down to change order Drag up or down
  • Consume Create a Purchase order (Critical on-hand)
    Consume item (Production order)
  • Create a manufacturing order Create a Manufacturing order (Critical on-hand)
  • Return item to stock Return item to stock
  • Print barcode Print barcode
  • Start Start the production operation
  • Pause Pause the production operation
  • Stop Finish the production operation
  • Show images Show images
  • Move Move window
  • Quick help Quick help
  • Tasks Tasks
  • Users Sign in for more users at the internet-kiosk device
  • User Switch between users or sign out from internet-kiosk

Quick help

For any particular page throughout the program, its explanation can be found by clicking on the Quick help button in the top right-hand corner.

Alternative text

Tooltips are provided for all fields throughout the program. If a field is not understandable, simply move your mouse over its title.

Browser security settings

MRPeasy is an internet-based software and works in-browser. Please check your browser privacy settings: cookies, JavaScript (scripting), and website data must be allowed (at least "Allow from Current Website Only").

Additional tips

  • Tables can be sorted by clicking on column titles;
  • The order of columns can be arranged by clicking, holding, and dragging their titles;
  • In many tables, it is possible to show additional columns or hide unneeded ones by clicking on the "Choose columns" button;
  • When searching, you can use _ as any single symbol (wildcard) and % as multiple symbols.
  • If the list of items contains more than 20 elements, the software displays only the first 20 items by default. Click Load more to load the rest of the list;
  • In drop-down menus such as Status, it is possible to select multiple options while holding the Ctrl key;
  • MRPeasy is only accessible online; it is not downloadable software.