User Manual

Co-Product BOM

The Co-product BOM functionality allows for the retrieval of other additional products as a result of one manufacturing order. This will allow workers to report the quantity of rejected products or scrap. Other functions (changing the number of final products, reporting of consumption of the parts) are already available.

This functionality is mainly for reporting scrap or wastage, which needs to be tracked in inventory for further processing. 

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Co-product BOM.

Configuring additional products

Co-products must be previously configured in the BOM of the main product. To set up the additional products:

  1. At Stock -> Items create the articles for the additional products, for example Waste or Scrap.
  2. Open the BOM of your product, where these items will be produced as additional side-products.
  3. Add the additional products in the section Additional product. (The quantities cannot be predefined, and are only reported during production)

Reporting co-products, adding additional products to stock

Additional products can be reported in several places:

The cost of the additional products

The cost of the additional products created is 0.

Demo video