The Procurement -> Vendors section contains a list of all vendors.

This page allows:

  • creating and editing vendors,
  • checking the vendor's reliability (on-time percentage, average delay),
  • accessing vendor details,
  • accessing vendor reports,
  • uploading vendors and purchase terms.

Jump to:

  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. How to record the contact information of a vendor?
  3. How to generate documents for the vendor in another language?
  4. How to set the vendor's currency?
  5. How to set a default payment period for the vendor?
  6. How to create a subcontractor?
  7. How to import vendors?
  8. How to import purchase terms from vendors?

Tips and tricks

  • Click Create to add a new customer.
  • Drag the columns to rearrange them.
  • Click Reports to see the vendor's reports.
  • The table can be searched and filtered (see Usage tips for wildcards).
  • A subcontractor is a vendor like any other, add it here.