Customer returns (RMA)

RMA is available in the Enterprise software edition. When allowed in Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions, the CRM -> Customer returns section shows the list of customer returns, i.e. the RMA orders.

On the page you can:

  • create, edit, and delete RMA orders;
  • track the progress of customer returns (RMA).

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  1. Tips and tricks.
  2. What is a customer return? What is an RMA order?
  3. What are the RMA statuses? What is the status of the customer's return?
  4. What are the available RMA types?
  5. How to receive returned products back into stock?
  6. How to inspect the returned products for deciding the RMA type?
  7. How to process a refund only?
  8. How to receive returned products and process a refund?
  9. How to receive returned products without a refund?
  10. How to process a repair or maintenance of products?
  11. How to process a replacement product?
  12. How to receive returned products and reject the return?
  13. How to add returned items into inventory?

Tips and tricks

  • Click Create to start a new RMA.
  • Click Choose columns to choose which columns to display.
  • Drag the columns to rearrange them.
  • The table can be searched and filtered (see Usage tips for wildcards).

What is a customer return? What is RMA?

A "customer return" means that a customer is returning some products that had been sold to the customer. After these items have been returned, the product is inspected and the following things could happen:

  • the product is refunded;
  • another product is shipped to replace the original and the original faulty product is taken into inventory;
  • the product is repaired and shipped back to the customer and the customer might be invoiced for the repair;
  • the product is inspected and the return is rejected, the item is shipped back, and the customer might is invoiced.

The RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, which is used to track the whole returns progress from end-to-end. When a return is processed, the customer is provided with an RMA number so they could check the return progress.

Processing a customer return takes place in several steps:

  1. Creation of the RMA order.
  2. Receipt of the product into stock.
  3. Inspection of the product.
  4. The decision of how to resolve the return.
  5. Resolution of the return. For example:
    a) refund.
    b) repair, ship back, and possibly invoice.
    c) reject the return, ship back, and possibly invoice.

For handling customer returns, the Return Merchandise Authorization functionality must be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> RMA: Yes.

RMA Order Statuses

The RMA order's statuses show the current progress of the returns process.

The following are the RMA order's statuses:

  1. New - this is the first status of an RMA order when items are not received yet. 
  2. Waiting for inspection - after the returned items are received, they are waiting for inspection by default, if the decision of the RMA type has not been made upfront. They should be checked at Procurement -> Inspection and a decision should be made.
  3. Waiting for action - this status shows that a decision has been made and further action is needed:
    - if the item should be repaired - a service order should be created;
    - if items should be replaced - replacement items should be booked.
  4. In progress - items are being processed and customer needs to wait until work is finished:
    - in case of repair - service order is created and it is in a queue or in progress;
    - in a case or replacement - a replacement item is not ready in stock yet.
  5. Ready for shipment - this status shows that all items can be shipped to the customer. The returned item is either rejected at the inspection, repaired, or replaced.
  6. Shipped & invoiced - this status shows that all items have been shipped.
  7. Delivered - this status confirms that RMA order is finalized, items have been confirmed received by the customer. This status must be assigned manually in the RMA details.
  8. Canceled - the order is canceled. This status is assigned manually when the RMA is deleted or status set to "Canceled". A canceled RMA order cannot be restored.
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