Summary Reports on All Customers

Summarized reports of all customers can be accessed from CRM -> Customers, by clicking on the All customers summary reports button on top-right of the table.

  • The reports can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • The period of a report can be custom defined or selected from pre-defined options.
  • Reports can be saved in PDF or CSV.

Jump to report:

  1. Bookings - bookings of all customer orders.
  2. Execution - production status of ordered products.
  3. Deliveries - products that must be shipped within the next 5 days.

Report "Bookings"

This report shows the list of bookings from stock for all customer orders.

Report "Execution"

This report shows the production stages for the products in active Customer Orders.

Report "Deliveries"

This report shows products that must be shipped within the next 5 days. Products are grouped by days and customers. The report is updated automatically once per minute.

This report has a direct link. It allows showing the report on any device, which has a browser, without signing in.

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