User Manual

Shipment Details

The Shipment details page, accessible from Stock -> Shipments, a CO, a PO, or an RMA, when opening the details of a shipment shows all information about a shipment.

The Shipment details page allows

  • seeing and editing the details of a shipment,
  • reporting picking of items for shipping,
  • printing Waybills and Picking lists,

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  1. How to make a shipment?
  2. How to book items for the shipment?
  3. How to print a Waybill, a Picking list?
  4. How to ship products?
  5. How to track shipped serial numbers?
  6. How to edit the layout of the Waybill?

Making a shipment and sending goods out of the stock

The precondition for planning any shipment is booking the products from stock for the Customer Order (CO), Purchase Order (PO), or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).


To create shipping documents (Waybill, Picking list):

  1. Open the Customer OrderPurchase Order, or RMA order and scroll down to the Shipments section.
    Or go to Stock -> Shipments.
  2. Click Create Create to create a new Shipment.
    The products must be booked beforehand for the order, read how to book goods.
  3. Fill in the details and Save.
  4. Print the Waybill and Picking list by clicking the respective buttons.

For shipping products:

  1. Open the Shipment from Stock -> Shipments.
    Or from the Customer Order, Purchase Order, or RMA order.
  2. Report picking of the items from stock:
    a) for reporting line-by-line, click the Pick Consume button on each line to report picking.
    b) if reporting all-at-once, click the Pick all items button. 
  3. If the item has serial numbers, a new page for selecting shipped serial numbers will open.
    - Select the serial numbers, and Save.

Now the shipment has been made, and products have been written off from the stock.

Editing the Waybill PDF layout

The Waybill layout can be edited with the PDF Editor at Settings -> System settings -> PDF Editor -> Layouts: Waybill.