User Manual

Barcode System

The Barcode system functionality enables barcode reader support for MRPeasy, plus generation and printing barcodes from MRPeasy.

The barcoding support can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Barcodes.

When this functionality is enabled, then:

  • It is possible to assign and print an article barcode at Stock -> Items -> Items details.
  • It is possible to print a unique stock lot barcode on the stock lot label.
  • It is possible to scan barcodes, and according to the function and the scanned barcode, an action will take place.

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  1. How to enable barcode support in MRPeasy?
  2. How to print and generate barcodes in MRPeasy?
  3. What happens when a barcode is scanned?
  4. What barcode scanners are supported by MRPeasy?
  5. Additional notes.
  6. Demo video.

Enabling barcoding support

For enabling barcodes in MRPeasy:

  1. Go to Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions 
  2. Enable the functionality Barcodes: Yes.
  3. Select how barcodes are assigned to stock items:
    - automatically by MRPeasy;
    - or manually.
  4. Select the type of barcode:
    - EAN-13 (newer and preferred);
    - or UPC-A.
  5. If barcodes are assigned by MRPeasy, enter your manufacturer code - a prefix that consists of your country code and company code.
    If the company does not have manufacturer code, it can be obtained at

Demo video: Enabling barcodes.

Assigning and printing barcodes

Assigning barcodes to products

Barcodes can be assigned manually and also automatically.

Even if barcodes are assigned automatically, it is possible to re-assign a custom barcode to a stock item. For assigning a barcode:

  1. Go to Stock -> Items -> Open item details page.
  2. Click Print barcode button on top right.
  3. Move the cursor into the Barcode field.
  4. Scan the barcode.
  5. Click the Print button to save the barcode.

Demo video: Item barcodes.

Printing barcodes for items and articles 

After barcodes have been enabled you can print barcodes for items. Any size of paper for stickers can be used.

For printing article barcodes:

  1. go to Stock -> Items and open the product details.
  2. Click the button Print barcode in the upper right corner of the page.
    (If the product has matrix BOM and parameters, then this button is located in the Variations section.)
  3. If barcodes are assigned manually, enter the barcode value for the product.
  4. Select the paper size and margins.
  5. Define the grid that is used to place barcodes on the page - number of columns x number of rows per page.
  6. Enter the total number of barcodes to print.
  7. Click the Print button, as a result, a PDF file with barcodes will be opened.
  8. Print the PDF file.

Printing stock lot barcodes

It is possible to print labels to identify items from different stock lots (batches). The labels for stock lots can be printed by clicking Print label Print label at
  • the Stock -> Stock lots page,
  • the Purchase Order, where the parts were procured.
  • the Manufacturing order, where the products were manufactured.

The standard label contains the following information:

  • Your company name;
  • stock lot number;
  • part number;
  • part description;
  • the quantity of the stock lot;
  • printing date;
  • the unique stock lot barcode, if the Enterprise function Barcodes is turned ON.

The label's width is 3.55" (90 mm). The height is 1.85" (47 mm) without the lot barcode and 2.25" (57 mm) with the lot barcode.

Demo video: Stock lot barcodes.

Scanning barcodes

If the barcode is scanned, then the resulting action depends on the type of barcode you scanned and the page you are currently on. There could be three types of barcodes that can be scanned:

  1. Item barcode.
  2. Stock lot barcode.
  3. Serial number barcode.

Resulting actions for scanning item barcodes

Scanning item barcodes
Location Action
Any item or product choice field. The item is selected.
At Stock -> Items. The item is displayed.
At Stock -> Stock lots. All stock lots with this item are displayed.
At Stock -> Shipments. All shipments with this item are displayed.
At Stock -> Inventory. The item is displayed.
At Procurement -> Purchase orders. All Purchase Orders with this item displayed.

Resulting actions for scanning stock lot barcodes

Scanning stock lot barcodes
Location Action
At My production plan -> operation details.

a) If the Stock lot is booked for this manufacturing order, the consume materials screen is opened. The quantity to consume must be confirmed.

b) If the stock lot is not booked for this manufacturing order, a notification is displayed.

Any other page. The stock lot details page is opened (Stock -> Stock lots -> Stock lot details).

Resulting actions for scanning serial numbers

Scanning serial numbers
Location Action
Stock -> Stock lots -> Serial numbers The items serial number is saved.
Manufacturing Order -> Add a serial number for a product The product serial number is saved.
Manufacturing Order -> Serial number's details -> Parts The part serial number is linked to the product serial number.
My production plan -> Operation details -> Add a serial number for a product The product serial number is saved.
My production plan -> Operation details -> Serial number's details -> Parts The part serial number is linked to the product serial number.
Internet-kiosk -> Serial numbers -> Add serial number The product serial number is saved.
Internet-kiosk -> Serial numbers -> Serial number's parts The part serial number is linked to the product serial number.
Shipment -> Pick items -> Choose serial numbers
The serial number is saved for the shipment.

In order to use serial numbers:


  • If a barcode was scanned on a page with a table of entries, use the Clear Clear button to clear the filter and show the full list again.
  • If your web browser has a function "Search for text when I start typing," it should be turned off. Otherwise, the barcode scanner may not work correctly.

Supported barcode readers

  • Since MRPeasy is an online software, and a barcode reader technically works as a keyboard, a barcode reader which is compatible with your device will work with MRPeasy.
  • Generally, the barcode readers can be connected via USB (for computers) or via Bluetooth (tablets, smartphones).
  • The MRPeasy iOS and Android apps allow the device's camera to be used as a barcode scanner.

Demo video: Supported barcode readers.