The Stock -> Items section contains a list of all your stock items, all the parts, and the finished products. New items can be added here.

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Checking stock availability

At Stock -> Items, there's a very detailed overview of how many units of each item are physically in stock, available for use, booked for something, consumed in WIP, expected to be received in the future, etc.

  1. In stock - the total quantity that is physically in stock right now.
    • In stock = Available + Booked + Rejected + (Expired - Booked from expired).
  2. Available - the quantity that is in stock and also available (not booked).
    • This quantity is displayed in red when it is below the Reorder point of the item.
    • This number can also go negative (I.e. negative inventory) when demand for the item is greater than supply. I.e. more is demanded than is available in stock.
    • Available = In stock - Booked - Rejected - (Expired - Booked from expired).
  3. Booked - the quantity that is in stock and booked (reserved) plus the quantity which is required, but not booked.
    • If items are in demand, but not booked from any stock lots, these are included in this number.
      • It may be that no items were available for booking when a booking was raised initially, in which case a booking is not matched with a stock lot later when goods become available.
    • Calculated based on Bookings. Read more about booking and consumption of goods.
    • Booked = the total sum of Bookings, excluding booked expected goods (reflected in "Expected, Booked"). 
      • Clicking the number brings up existing Bookings.
  4. Expected, Total - the total quantity that is expected to be received in the future.
    • Expected, Total = The total quantity of expected stock lots, minus the goods already reported consumed (possible if Use planned goods = Yes).
      • Clicking the number brings up all expected goods. 
      • This includes items that are received, but on hold and waiting for inspection.
  5. Expected, Available - the quantity that is expected and available (not booked).
    • Expected, Available = Expected, Total - Expected booked.
  6. Expected, Booked - the quantity that is expected and already booked, not freely available.
    • Calculated based on Bookings, minus the goods already reported consumed.
    • Clicking the number brings up all expected goods.
  7. Work in progress - the quantity that has been consumed in manufacturing orders which are currently still in progress.
    • At the moment when materials are marked as consumed in production, they are moved to Work in Progress (WIP), and they are not part of the inventory anymore.
    • When the Manufacturing Order is finished, finished goods are counted into stock and the WIP is cleared.
  8. Virtual stock - the number of products that can be made from the current available inventory of parts.
    • Click on the button to calculate how many of this product could be made from the current stock of materials.
  9. Packaged - the quantity in stock that is packaged.
    • Available, when Packing is enabled.
  10. Expired - the quantity in stock that has expired.
    • Available, when Expiry Date is enabled.
    • Clicking the number brings up the list of expired lots.
  11. Rejected - the quantity in stock that is rejected in quality control.
    • Available, when Quality Control is enabled.
    • Clicking the number brings up the list of rejected lots.

Virtual stock

At Stock -> Items, it is possible to calculate how many products can be made from the current available inventory of parts.

To calculate virtual stock:

  1. Enable column "Virtual stock".
  2. Find the desired product.
  3. Click on the button on that item's line to calculate the quantity.
    • The button is displayed in the "Virtual stock" column for each item, which has a BOM.

The virtual stock is calculated on the fly. This means the following:

  • It is subject to change at any moment when the available in-stock quantity changes.
  • The calculation does not have any effect on the inventory and virtual stock of other products.
  • It is not saved in the database.

Item label, item barcode

The labels for items can be printed by clicking the Print Label button on the Stock -> Items page.

The size, information, and layout of the label can be edited with the Label editor.

The standard label contains the unique stock lot barcode if the Barcode System functionality is enabled.

It is also possible to just print the barcode. For printing barcodes only:

  1. go to Stock -> Items and open the item details page.
  2. Click the button "Print barcode" in the upper right corner of the page.
    (If the product has matrix BOM and parameters, then this button is located in the Variations section.)

Deleted items

Items are never fully deleted, deleted items are hidden/archived to conserve your stock history and database consistency.

You can find these items by searching for the part number. Or search for "del", this suffix is added to all deleted items.

Deleted items can also be restored.

  1. Find the deleted item.
  2. Open it. 
  3. Press Restore on the bottom actions menu.
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