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  1. Demo video: Usage tips.
  2. Buttons and icons.
  3. Quick help.
  4. Data tables.
  5. Search wildcards and operators.
  6. Browser security settings.
  7. Miscellaneous.

Buttons and icons

  • Add Add a new entry
  • Edit Edit/View an existing entry
  • Bulk editing Bulk editing
  • Choose columns Choose columns to be displayed
  • Search Search by specified conditions
  • Clear Clear the search conditions
  • Saved searches Saved searches - possibility for each user to save personal filters or use a saved filter. Selected columns, their order, and filled parameters are saved.
  • Reports View reports
  • Important notice Important notice
  • Actions View action log
  • Rebook materials Rebook materials for planned Manufacturing Orders (Production schedule)
  • Press and drag up or down to change order Drag up or down
  • Create a Purchase Order Create a Purchase order (Critical on-hand, Requirements)
  • Consume Consume item (MO details for worker)
  • Pick Pick item (Shipment)
  • Create a manufacturing order Create a Manufacturing order (Critical on-hand in Stock)
  • Return item to stock Return item to stock
  • Print barcode Print barcode
  • Start Start the production operation
  • Pause Pause the production operation
  • Stop Finish the production operation
  • Show images Show images
  • Move Move window
  • Quick help Quick help
  • Tasks Tasks
  • Page navigation Page navigation
  • List or detailed view List or detailed view
  • Sales pipeline view Sales pipeline view
  • View sums View sums
  • Users Sign in for more users at the internet-kiosk device
  • User Switch between users or sign out from internet-kiosk

Quick help

For any particular page throughout the program, its explanation can be found by clicking on the Quick help button in the top right-hand corner.

Data tables

  • Tables can be sorted by clicking on column titles.
  • The order of columns can be arranged by clicking, holding, and dragging their titles.
  • In many tables, it is possible to show additional columns or hide unneeded ones by clicking on the "Choose columns" button.
  • The table layouts are remembered for each user separately.
  • If the list of items contains more than 20 elements, the software displays only the first 20 items by default. Click Load more to load the rest of the list.
  • In drop-down menus such as Status, it is possible to select multiple options while holding the Ctrl key.

Search wildcards and operators

There are several wildcards and operators, that can be used when searching:

  1. _ can be used as a placeholder (wildcard) for any single symbol.
    • "w__d" finds all results that have exactly two symbols between "w" and "d", e.g. "wood".
  2. % can be used as a placeholder (wildcard) for multiple symbols.
    • "w%d" finds all results that have any number of symbols between "w" and "d", e.g. "wood" and also "washed".
  3. && ignores the order of words.
    • "wood && table" finds both "wooden table" and "table from wood".
  4. || finds data, that contains at least one of the words when searching by text.
    • "wood || table" finds both "wooden chair" and "plastic table".
  5. - (minus) finds data that does not contain certain words.
    • "-plastic" excludes "plastic" from the results.
    • "table && -plastic" finds all data for "table" except for those containing "plastic".
    •  "-" is a negative operator only when it is the first character, or if it is following a space. 
    • If your data starts with "-" or there's some suffix added with "-" according to which you wish to search, e.g. "-abc", then please use "%-abc" to find the data.
  6. "" (double quotation marks) finds rows without data in that column.
    • -"" finds non-blank lines.
  7. Several conditions may apply together. They can be grouped and prioritized using parentheses.
    • "table && -(plastic || white)" finds all tables which are neither plastic nor white.

Browser security settings

MRPeasy is an internet-based software and works in browser. Please check your browser privacy settings: cookies, JavaScript (scripting), and website data must be allowed (at least "Allow from Current Website Only").


  • Tooltips are provided for all fields throughout the program. If a field is not understandable, simply move your mouse over its title.
  • MRPeasy is only accessible online; it is not downloadable software.
  • Sometimes the system seems to be malfunctioning when the user is using multiple browser tabs or windows at the same time. This is not recommended.
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