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The Settings -> Support page allows managing support options.

If you get stuck:

  1. Look into the Quick help for instructions from the User Manual, and the training videos.
  2. Search the Help Centre for frequently asked questions.
  3. Write to our support team at Settings -> Support.
  4. Ask your question to Mr. Peasy, our AI Chatbot.
  5. You can order personal training hours with our specialists.
  6. Our Authorized Partners can offer personal implementation services.
  7. You can allow technical support access to your data to help diagnose specific issues.

Quick Help

For any particular page throughout the program, its explanation can be found by clicking on the Quick Help button in the top right-hand corner.

Support Ticket System

If you get stuck and need help, then please go to Settings -> Support -> Support tickets and create a new support ticket describing the problem in 3 steps:

  1. Your action – what you did (describe step-by-step, very detailed);
  2. The expected result;
  3. The actual output, and relevant additional information, e.g. error messages, company ID, username, time, a full screenshot including browser bars, video, etc.

Once you have filed a support ticket, the response will be sent to you in the same place.

Please select the relevant category for your ticket:

  • Functionality question – You have a question about existing functionality or availability.
  • Development proposal – You have an idea for development.
  • Error message – You have received an error message such as "Please contact customer support", there is some technical error with the software.
  • Account and billing – You have questions about your account and billing.
  • Other - You have other questions.

Mr. Peasy the AI Chatbot

Mr. Peasy is designed to provide quick and accurate responses to your MRPeasy-related queries, saving you time browsing the manuals. While it does not replace our human support, it’s a handy resource for prompt replies to common questions.

To ask a question from Mr. Peasy, go to Settings -> Support -> Ask Mr. Peasy.
Click the chatbot icon at the page’s bottom, type your question, and press Enter or click Send. Mr. Peasy will promptly respond.

We encourage you to try it out and share your feedback.

Training Hours

You can read about training hours and find the price per hour from Settings -> Support -> Training hours.

Training hours are for learning the functionality of MRPeasy with the help of our specialist.

Disclaimer! Please note, that we can train existing MRPeasy functionality, but cannot consult you on how to use MRPeasy in your business, with your data. We also cannot help you in setting up integrations with accounting and other external programs.

Implementation Help

If you want a personal approach, someone to guide you and help you set up MRPeasy for your business please turn to our partners.

Implementation consultations are provided by MRPeasy Authorized Consultants, which are independent consulting companies. Authorized Consultants have their own service and pricing policy. The Authorized Consultants can be found here: /consultants/

Support Access

If you have an issue that you want to have MRPeasy technical support to take a look at and help you resolve, then you can allow access to your database, so the issue could be investigated.

Access to your database can be allowed at Settings -> Support -> Settings. To revoke access, please ask this via a support ticket.

Support access is something only some of the MRPeasy tech. support personnel with special access privileges can utilize, when a customer specifically asks for technical help with a clear question. Even then, the data is obfuscated, mostly showing only codes, numbers, and dates (i.e. item descriptions, vendor or customer names, contacts, addresses, workstation names, tasks, operation descriptions, attachments, notes, account names, etc. cannot be seen).

As a policy, MRPeasy employees:

  • never access customers' data, with the only exception being when Support access is allowed and assistance is explicitly asked for solving a specific issue. Only some tech. support employees have this clearance;
  • never review customers' data;
  • never input, change, edit, or update customer data in their databases;
  • never manually create, edit, or delete accounts/databases. Databases are created automatically with a new account, and can be only deleted by the customer, or automatically if the account expires;
  • never add, edit, or remove users;
  • cannot see, add or edit payment information.
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