Expiry Date

The Expiry date functionality allows manufacturers to use expiry dates and set shelf life for the stock lots of parts, ingredients, and final products.

This functionality can be enabled at Settings -> System settings -> Professional functions -> Expiry dates.

If the Expiry date functionality is enabled, then:

  1. The Expiry date field is available for stock lots (at Stock -> Stock lots). This field can be manually updated.
  2. Default Shelf life in days can be set for items in the item's details page (at Stock -> Items).
  3. Expired items are ignored when the software automatically creates bookings.
  4. Automatically created bookings for materials and products are based on FEFO (First Expired, First Out), i.e. items that will expire earlier will be used before items that expire later.

Setting the Expiry date, automatic calculation of shelf life

This Expiry date can be set for each stock lot at Stock -> Stock lots in the stock lot's details.

When stock lots, purchase orders, or manufacturing orders are created, the software tries to automatically estimate the expiry date by adding the shelf life to the date when this product is received in the stock, i.e Expiry date = Available date + Shelf life.

If a stock item does not expire, leave this field empty.

Booking expired items

The software does not automatically book expired items, but it is possible to manually book expired items, use these in production, or ship them to the customers.

If a product has expired and is going to be shipped, then when picking the item for shipment, the software will issue a warning to the user.

Expiry date of kits / bundles

The expiry date of a kit is calculated automatically. It is equal to the earliest expiry date of products in that kit. To change the expiry date of the kit, please change the expiry dates of the contained products.

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