The Settings -> System settings -> Notifications page allows each user to configure which events to receive e-mail notifications about. E-mails are sent to the user’s username.

The following notifications can be used:

  • I have a new task assigned.
  • New items appeared on the Critical on-hand list - such a list is sent once an hour.
  • My approval has been requested - visible when the Enterprise function Approval System is turned on.
  • My weekly production schedule sent - your weekly production plan is sent one hour before the start of your business week.
  • The workstation needs to be serviced - visible when the Enterprise function Maintenance Management System is turned on.
  • A new item appeared in the Inspections list - such a list is sent once an hour. Visible when the Professional function Quality Control is turned on.
  • Changes to the status of a customer, manufacturing, or purchase order. It is possible to select all statuses or specific ones.


Email is not a 100% reliable channel of communication. Emails can be marked as spam, delayed, or lost along the way, or on the receiving mail server side. 
MRPeasy sends emails, but cannot be held responsible for delivering them to the addressee.

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