Regional Settings

The Settings -> System settings -> Regional settings page allows customizing how the information is displayed in MRPeasy according to your local specifics.

Demo video: Setting up business details, working hours, PDF editor.

The following information can be defined on this page:

  • Time zone - time zone you are in by continent and city, e.g., Europe/London.
  • Date Format - how dates are displayed, e.g.,, mm/dd/yy, etc.
  • First day of the week - which day the calendars display as the first day of the week.
  • Decimal separator - choose whether the decimal separator is a comma or a dot.
  • Thousands separator - choose whether the thousands separator is a comma, a dot, or space.
  • CSV separator - choose whether the field separator in CSV files is a comma or a semicolon (when exported).
  • Currency sign - your base currency. Enter the default currency sign, e.g., USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc.  You can use also signs $, €, £, however, they will not work for automatic update of the currency rate, if you will use it.
    Important! Changing the base currency sign in a live database will not result in any changes of financial values or recalculation of documents and exchange rates; only the sign is changed. 
  • Currency format - how prices and costs are displayed, e.g. as 100€ or €100.
  • Generic name of an undefined place in stock - name of the default storage location in Stock; by default, it is "General".
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