Maintenance Management System

The Maintenance management system allows automatically tracking the maintenance cycles of workstations.

This functionality can be turned on at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Maintenance Management System.

If it is turned on, then:

  • For a workstation is possible to set a maintenance cycle in working hours, units of the product processed or calendar days since the last maintenance, at Production planning -> Workstations -> Workstation details.
  • The Production planning -> Workstations page displays columns Until maintenance (hours), Until maintenance (units) and Until maintenance (days). They indicate how much time, produced units or calendar days are left until the next maintenance. These counters are automatically updated according to reported manufacturing operations or days passed since the last maintenance.
  • When service is performed, the counters are reset to zero.
  • The maintenance can be performed at the workstation details page at Production planning -> Workstations -> Workstation details.
  • The maintenance history report is kept at Production planning -> Workstations -> Work station reports: Maintenance.

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