Maintenance Management System

The Maintenance Management System (MMS) of MRPeasy helps to keep track of maintenance cycles and schedule preventative maintenance for your workstations.

  • How to automatically keep track of maintenance cycles of workstations?
  • How to schedule and report preventative maintenance?

User Manual: Maintenance Management System

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With MRPeasy Enterprise edition, it is possible to automatically track the maintenance cycles of your equipment and schedule regular maintenance to be performed.

Knowing when to perform regular and preventive maintenance is crucial for smooth operations.

Tracking maintenance cycles of your machines

In your list of workstations, you can see, for each workstation, how many hours it can operate, or how many products it can process until maintenance is required, or conversely, how long ago it was due to be performed.

MRPeasy automatically counts the operating hours and the number of products processed by a workstation according to what workers report, when they report their activities.

When you open a workstation’s details page, you can define its maintenance cycle per operational hours or per the number of products processed.

To schedule maintenance, add an idle time into the workstation’s calendar.

To reset the maintenance cycles, check the “maintenance done” box and “save.”

In the workstation’s reports, the report “Maintenance” displays when and by whom the maintenance has been performed.

Enabling the maintenance management system

The maintenance management system can be enabled at section “settings – system settings – enterprise functions.”

In this video, we described how to manage your workstations’ maintenance cycles.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

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