Pricelist Details

The price list details page, accessible from CRM -> Pricelists, shows the details of a price list.

This page allows:

  • setting the sales prices of items,
  • configuring tiered pricing or a product,
  • updating or deleting a price list,

Tiered pricing

If a product's sales price depends on the ordered quantity, then a Min. Quantity must be entered for each price. Then the correct price is automatically chosen in a Customer Order or an Invoice when the product is chosen, and this price list is applied.

Example, 4 pricing tiers:

Product  Selling price  Min. quantity
Wooden table 80 0
Wooden table  75  10
Wooden table  70 25
Wooden table 60 50


  • In the price list details page, It is possible to update a price list that has up to 300 products.
  • If the price list is longer, please upload a CSV file with a new version of the price list.

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