Vendor Details

The vendor details page, accessible from Procurement -> Vendors, displays all the vendor's information:

  • contact information;
  • one or more contact persons;
  • default lead time;
  • default payment period;
  • language of documents issued to the vendor (from supported languages);
  • default currency,
  • default tax rate,
  • files and attachments.

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  1. How to record the contact information of a vendor?
  2. How to generate documents for the vendor in another language?
  3. How to set the vendor's currency?
  4. How to set a default payment period for the vendor?
  5. How to create a subcontractor?
  6. How to import vendors?
  7. How to import purchase terms for the vendor?

Recording vendor's contact information

For recording contact information, first, a vendor should be created:

  1. Go to Procurement -> Vendors and click Create to add new.
  2. The contact type field is a drop-down (phone, fax, skype, e-mail, web, address, free-text address, etc.).
  3. Each type of contact must be on its own line.
  4. The address entered here will be printed on the purchase orders.
  5. Contact details can also be entered for the vendor's contact person(s). This data will not be printed on any document. 

Language of documents issued to the vendor

You can choose the language at the vendor's details at Procurement -> Vendors.

Documents, like for example, invoices, will be printed in the vendor's default language. By default, the language is your sign up language.

Payment period, vendor's currency, and tax rate

You can enter the payment period, the vendor's currency, and the tax rate at the vendor's details at Procurement -> Vendors.

  • When a purchase order is created, the vendor's currency and tax rate are used.
  • To define the default Due date for vendor, insert Payment period and select the method from dropdown field:
    • the invoice date - then the Due date is calculated as the Invoice date plus the Payment period;
    • the end of the invoice month - then the Due date is calculated as the end of the month plus the Payment period.
  • Purchase terms from the vendor are in the vendor's default currency.


A subcontractor is like any other vendor and should be created at Procurement -> Vendors.

If the vendor is a service subcontractor, it is possible to add that vendor into Routing as an operator of a particular operation and to issue a purchase order for the service. Alternatively, it is also possible to issue a PO with products and free issue materials to the subcontractors.

For managing subcontractors, the Subcontracting functionality must be enabled.

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