Disassembly BOM

The Disassembly BOM functionality allows disassembling (cutting) a product into parts.

The disassembly could be a process that requires it to be reported by workers.

Or, it could also be an auto-disassembly, e.g. of a procured kit whose parts will each be used separately later on. The kit will be automatically disassembled into its individual parts upon arrival into stock.

User Manual: Disassembly BOM

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Hi, in this video we will see how to configure the disassembling process in MRPeasy.

In most cases, manufacturing is the process of assembling a product from its components.

But sometimes, the process can be just the opposite – when a certain product is disassembled into parts.

Or in other cases, like when vendors sell kitted components, the parts of which are needed for separate use.

Both cases can be handled in MRPeasy by using a disassembly BOM.

For example, there may be a need to disassemble a table into a table top and 4 table legs.

To set this up, start by adding a new BOM and enable the option Disassembly BOM

Then, add the parts – 1 table top and 4 table legs.

It’s also necessary to decide how the cost of the table is allocated between its parts. This is done by defining a cost percentage for each part.

A detailed explanation of the cost calculations can be found in our User Manual.

In this example, we also need to create the routing for the disassembling operations. It will consist of one row.

A Manufacturing order for disassembling a table into parts is now ready for creation.

First, select the Disassembly BOM.

As shown, the output products of this manufacturing order are 1 table top and 4 table legs.

When the operation is finished, it’s necessary to enter how many of each was made. These will appear in stock immediately.

As a second example, let’s consider a kit of procured components where all parts are needed for individual use. This kit should be automatically disassembled into its parts in our stock-keeping.

The vendor-delivered kit is a procured stock item. First, the disassembly BOM can be created in the same way as with the previous example.

However, this time, a routing does not need to be added because there will be no operations.

Next, a Manufacturing Order for this kit is needed.

Now, as soon as the kit item is received into stock, it will be automatically disassembled into parts, and the mouse and keyboards will be available in stock.

To enable the Disassembly BOM functionality, go to Settings > System settings > Professional functions > Disassembly BOM.

In this video, we described the disassembly BOM functionality.

Take a look at our other videos to learn more about MRPeasy.

Thanks for watching!

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