Co-Product Bill of Materials

The Co-product BOM functionality of MRPeasy allows for the retrieval of other additional products – co-products or by-products – as a result of one manufacturing order.

  • How to report the quantity of rejected products, side products, scrap, or etc. in production which will then be counted into stock.
  • How to set up additional products in the BOM.

User Manual: Co-Product BOM

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With the MRPeasy Enterprise edition, it is possible to enable the “co-product BOM” functionality.

This allows for the retrieval of additional products needed because of one manufacturing order. For example, workers can report the quantity of rejected products or scrap, which will be then counted into stock.

Adding additional products to a bill of materials.

To add other products that can be retrieved because of manufacturing a product, open its bill of materials, and in the “additional products” section, add these items.

Reporting additional products in production.

The worker, when pausing or finishing operation, can report the quantities of additional products.

When the “pause” or “finish” button of operation is clicked, either in the “my production plan” or the “internet kiosk,” the software asks for the quantities of products. After saving, the additional products are taken into stock.

Enabling the “co-product BOM” functionality.

The function can be enabled at section “settings – system settings – professional functions.”

In this video, we demonstrated how the “co-product BOM” functionality works.

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