Setting up: User Management

This video covers managing users in MRPeasy:

  • User details, access rights, options, and hourly wage.
  • Adding users.
  • Free users.
  • Checking the log of users actions and users’ reports.

User Manual:

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Hi, in this video, we’ll walk you through the user management in your MRPeasy account.

The person who, on behalf of your company, initially signs up for the MRPeasy account is the first user and the account administrator.

Let’s go to Settings -> Human resources -> Users and have a look at the users in your account.

Your user details start with your e-mail, which is your username for logging in to the account and your name, as it will be displayed in reports.

Next, there are the access rights to different sections or functions of the software.  The access rights give you the possibility to create, read, update and delete information.

The main blocks of the system are CRM, My production plan, Internet-kiosk, Production planning, Stock, Shipments, Procurement, Accounting and Settings.

On the bottom of the page, you can change user options.

The “lock handler” allows this user to open locked records, which are currently being edited by another user.

You can hide costs and prices from some users, if necessary.

And here, you define the hourly wage for each user.

As an administrator, you can add new users to the MRPeasy account.

During the trial period, you can add users for free.

When adding the new user during the subscription, the system generates the invoice for the new user.  After the invoice is paid, you can continue with entering new user data. 

The set of rights depends on the user’s role in the system.

The typical roles in the system are: sales manager, production manager, shop-floor worker, stock manager, purchasing manager, accountant, administrator and general manager.

Accordingly, you can grant them different rights to act in the system.

Let’s add a user with the salesperson role.

We grant Sara Brown all access rights to the CRM module.

Our shop-floor worker, Janek Kovach, must report production progress of operations using his tablet or smartphone. We grant him Internet-kiosk rights only. All other rights are marked “No.”ˇ

You can also add so called “free users”, which are users without any rights, with no access to MRPeasy. A “free user” is not billed and cannot log in, but can be assigned manufacturing operations. This is useful when you wish to assign operations to workers with their names displayed in the system. But also, when the person left the company and you wish to keep that user’s history of actions – thus, you convert it to a free user by taking away all access rights.

As an administrator, you can see summary reports on all users, but also individual reports per user.

You can check all users’ activities in the system log.

You can also see the invoices created by each user and the production operations. 

Thank you for watching! Please see our other videos for more about MRPeasy.

Keywords: user management, human resources, user settings, user permissions.

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