MRPeasy Software Demonstration

End-to-end walk-through demonstrating a seamless workflow between sales, production planning and reporting, procurement, stock control, and order fulfillment operations.

  • A quick walkthrough of the main functionality of MRPeasy.
  • How to quickly and accurately generate a quote.
  • How to process an order from quotation thru planning, manufacturing to delivery.
  • How to see purchase requirements.
  • How to report manufacturing in real-time.
  • How to invoice and ship.

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In this video, we will demonstrate how your company can work in MRPeasy.

MRPeasy combines the core processes – sales, materials planning, production scheduling, shop floor reporting, inventory management and procurement – into one easy-to-use system.

Let’s imagine that we have a company that makes tables, and a customer asks for a quote and an estimated delivery time.

We will record the request in the CRM section.

The software will automatically tell us the estimated costs and a sales price based on our desired mark-up, and the shipping date according to the current production schedule and material lead times.

Then, let’s create the quotation, and we’re done.

How long does this process take in your company?

Once the order is confirmed, we must book the available items from stock, or schedule the production.

As we don’t have anything available in stock, we will have the software automatically create the manufacturing orders.

In the production schedule, we see that the production for this customer’s order is scheduled to start in a week, which is due to the lead time of materials.

Here, we can also manually create manufacturing orders, for example, for make to stock.

We can drag-and-drop the orders or individual operations to new times, and these will be scheduled to an available time slot automatically.

The production schedule is also color-coded; for example, the red text lets us know that not all materials are allocated.

In your company, how would you know what materials or parts need ordering?

In the procurement section of MRPeasy, the reports show you exactly how many materials are required, when, and where. Let’s order these.

Automatically, the whole purchase order is pre-filled. It even considers the minimal purchase quantities and different pricing tiers.

Here, we can also track the status of the purchase order step-by-step. But for now, let’s say that all goods have been received.

Looking at our stock overview, we can see that all materials are in stock, the required parts are booked, and safety stock is available.

The situation is the opposite with our product, the table – nothing is in stock, but we’re expecting even more to be manufactured than what currently has been ordered by customers.

Now we can manufacture our tables.

There are several ways for workers see their tasks and report in real-time:

In the “My production plan,” they can see many details of the operations, report start-stop and the processed quantity, and even the consumption of materials.

In the “Internet-kiosk”, which can be comfortably used on smartphones, they can access a simplified view for reporting.

Once we’ve finished production, all the parts are used from stock, and the products are in stock, as we can see from the stock screen.

When we look at the sales pipeline, we see that this customer order has been automatically moved through all stages to currently being “Ready for shipment.”

Let’s open the order and create an invoice.

And let’s plan a new shipment.

The stock clerk uses this screen as the picking list, and reports when items are picked off the shelf.

And finally, we are done, the order is shipped and invoiced!

In summary, we’ve come a long way from estimating through scheduling and purchasing, through production and finally invoicing and shipping the items to the customer!

How many different systems do you currently use for that? Wouldn’t it be great to do this all in one place? That is exactly what MRPeasy is for!

If you haven’t yet, please start your free MRPeasy trial, explore it, and see our other videos for more.

Thank you!

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