Quality Control

With the Quality Control functionality, goods, when arriving into stock, are put on hold for inspection, which must be performed before they can be available in stock.
Rework or repairs can be performed on items which have failed the quality control.

  • How to enable quality control for an item.
  • How to perform an inspection.
  • How to find rejected or on hold stock lots.
  • How to plan a service order.
  • How to write off rejected items.

User Manual: Quality control

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With the MRPeasy Professional edition, it is possible to enable quality control of stock items.

Quality control functionality:

  • Arrived goods are automatically put on hold for inspection, for items which require quality control
  • An inspection must be performed to the goods before they can be available in stock
  • Rework or repairs can be performed on items that failed quality control.
Enabling quality control

To enable quality control for an item, open its details page at the “stock – items” section, check the “quality control” checkbox and enter a “usual on-hold” period in days, which it takes to inspect the goods.

Performing inspection

Once these items have arrived into stock, for example, by finishing a manufacturing order or receiving a purchase order, they are put on hold for inspection.

Open the “procurement – inspection” page to see a list of goods which must be inspected. To record the result of an inspection, open the inspection and enter the approved quantity. If you approve less than the total lot quantity, then the rest will be rejected and will not be available in stock. A new stock lot is created for the rejected items.

Stock lot statuses, repairing and writing off rejected items

With the Quality Control functionality is enabled, two additional stock lot statuses become available.

Status “On hold” is applied to all stock lots that are waiting for inspection.

Status “Rejected” is applied to all stock lots that did not pass quality control. By filtering your stock lots by this status, you can find all rejected items in your stock.

The rejected items cannot be used in manufacturing or sold; therefore, these are not shown in the stock overview in the “Stock – items” page, but instead, are only included in the inventory count page.

The rejected items can either be repaired, reworked, or written off.

To repair rejected items, open the stock lot details page and click “Create service order.” If you know these up-front, enter the required resources, materials and operations, select “save.” The service order is scheduled for the production schedule the same way a manufacturing order is.

To write off rejected items, go to “stock – write-offs” and fill in the write-off.

Enabling the “quality control” functionality

The quality control functionality can be enabled in the section “settings system settings professional functions.”

In this video, we described how Quality control functionality works.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

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