Setting up: Email Editor

This video covers editing the contents of various e-mails, which MRPeasy prepares for sending.

User Manual:

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Hi, in this video, we’ll show you how to change the content of e-mails that are prepared by MRPeasy.

For changing e-mail content, go to Settings -> System settings -> E-mail editor and press Edit.

Here, we can change the subject lines and the body text.

The words in the square brackets are placeholders for information that will be automatically populated when the email is prepared.

You will find the list of usable placeholders in our User Manual.

Let’s see how MRPeasy prepares this e-mail.

And of course, you can always edit the e-mail before sending.

Keep in mind that MRPeasy itself does not send these e-mails.

It only prepares the e-mail in your computer’s default email app, which is configured in the settings of your computer.

Thank you for watching! Please see our other videos for more about MRPeasy.

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