Multiple Stocks and Multiple Production Sites

The Multiple Stocks and Multiple Production Sites functionalities of MRPeasy allows managing several locations of your business in one easy-to-use system. Each site has separate inventory management, stock keeping, production resources, production schedule, reports, and much more.

  • How to manage separate production sites and stocks in MRPeasy?
  • How to view reports by sites and stocks?
  • How to transfer items between locations?
  • How to manage and schedule manufacturing resources at several sites?

User Manual: Multi-stock and Production Sites

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The Enterprise edition of MRPeasy enables support for multiple stock and production sites.

If you have several different warehouses or production sites, you can manage each site separately in your MRPeasy account.

Each site has separate stock keeping, storage locations, workstations, production schedules, and delivery addresses for purchases.

Inventory management of several stocks

When you have several stocks, in the stock section, you can choose if you wish to see a total overview or the overview of a specific stock.

Each item can be configured to have a different minimal stock value and storage location at each site.

When you look at the inventory, or stock movements page, or other pages, here as well, you can separate the information by a specific stock.

Transferring items among sites
Purchasing to several sites

In a purchase order, you can choose to which site the items must be delivered.

Accordingly, the “ship to” address of the site will be printed on the purchase order.

It’s even possible to have some items delivered to one site and others to another site.

Manufacturing at several production sites

When you are looking at the manufacturing orders overview or the production schedule, you can choose if you wish to see a total overview or the overview of a specific production site.

When you are planning a manufacturing order, then you must choose a specific site where this will be performed.

When you set up workstations, each workstation is tied to a specific site and can only be used for that site. However, workstation groups, into which the individual workstations belong, are universal and can include workstations from various sites.

Selling from several stocks

If you are checking stock levels from a customer order, then you can look at the inventory status of several stocks and choose from which stock to book the items to the customer.

Enabling multi-stock and production sites functionality

This functionality can be enabled in the “settings – system settings – enterprise functions” section of MRPeasy.

Once it is enabled, you can define your sites at “settings – production sites and stocks.”

In this video, we demonstrated how to manage multiple stocks and production sites in MRPeasy.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

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