Custom Fields

In MRPeasy, it is possible to add custom fields to your database to store extra information, which is important for you.

  • How to add custom fields to your database tables.
  • How to enter information into custom fields.
  • How to show information from custom fields on documents like purchase orders, invoices, etc.

User Manual: Custom Fields

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With MRPeasy Professional edition, it is possible to add custom fields to your database.

Custom fields can be configured at “settings – system settings – custom fields.”

You can add additional data fields to stock items, customers, serial numbers and other objects, to store extra information.

You can define what sort of values will be stored in the custom field if it’s free text, a date, number, or a choice from pre-defined values.

In addition, for some field types, it’s possible to configure additional options.

In the PDF Editor, it is possible to display certain custom fields by editing the layout of a document.

Once a custom field is created, for example, for your items database, it can be displayed in the items table, used for searching and you can fill it when you open an item’s details page.

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