Multiple Stocks and Production Sites

The Multiple stock and production sites functionality allows managing multiple physical stocks and/or production sites at different geographical locations.

There is a two-level system in MRPeasy for tracking the physical location of the goods:

  1. Storage locations represent bins, shelves, racks, storage areas, or separate rooms inside one warehouse/site.
    • Available by default.
    • For a hierarchy inside storage locations, e.g. a bin location within a room, name the storage locations appropriately: "Room 1, A1", "Room 2, A1".
    • Each item has a default storage location, where it will be automatically placed to.
    • Different units of the same item can be in various storage locations.
  2. Sites represent geographically separated production sites or warehouses.
    • Enabled by this functionality.
    • Each site has separate inventory management and its own storage locations, workstations, etc.
    • Purchases can be ordered to specific sites.
    • Customer orders can be filled from specific sites.
    • Each site has its own (site-specific) workstations.
    • Goods can be moved from one site to another with a Transfer Order. They cannot be directly booked or consumed from another site but must be moved first.
    • Generally, warehouses within one complex should not be set up as separate sites inside MRPeasy.

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Enabling multi-stock functionality

This functionality can be turned on at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Multiple stocks and production sites.

The following software sections become available:

  • The Settings -> Production sites/Stocks page, where it is possible to define the different sites and their addresses.
  • The Stock -> Transfer Orders page becomes available, where it is possible to make shipments between locations, print waybills, etc.

In the Stock section:

  • In all functions and reports, a particular stock/site can be selected, or an overview of all sites can be seen.
  • Reorder point value for an item can be defined for each stock.
  • A default storage location (bin) for an item at every stock should be defined.

In the Procurement section:

  • When creating a purchase order, a site must be selected for each line.
  • Items on one PO can be ordered to different sites.
  • The "Ship To" address of the site is printed on the PO PDF.

In the Production planning section:

  • A production site can be selected in different functions and reports.
  • A production site must be chosen when planning new manufacturing orders. The products will become available at this site and materials can only be booked from this site.
  • A production site needs to be selected for every workstation. One workstation can be on one site - each site has separate workstations. One workstation group can have workstations on several sites.

In the CRM section:

  • When booking goods for a customer order, a site needs to be chosen.

User access rights for multi-stock management

For adding stocks/production sites (in Settings -> Production sites/Stocks), or creating Transfer Orders, the user needs to have appropriate rights set in  Settings -> Human Resources -> User rights.

Deleting a site

Sites can be deleted at Settings -> Production sites/Stocks.

The first site/stock (displayed in italic font) cannot be deleted. 

A site can be deleted when:

  • The inventory levels are 0 at that site. There is no stock.
  • Workstations are removed from the site.

It is possible to find and restore a deleted site:

  1. Go to Settings -> Production sites/Stocks.
  2. Deleted sites are hidden by default. Search for the deleted site by its name.
  3. Open its details.
  4. Click "Restore".
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