The Stock -> Stock settings -> Relations section contains a list of all relations. This page allows creating new or editing existing relations, which connect specific parameter(s) values to specific stock items.

The relations are a core part of the Matrix BOM / BOM with Parameters functionality.

  • Relations define which stock items should be used in case of different variations of the final product.
  • For example, if a sewing company produces the same dress in several different colors, it can define that if the dress is white (i.e. the color parameter value is white), white textile must be used, if it is black (i.e. the color parameter color value is black) – black textile, etc.
  • Relations are used in BOMs instead of particular stock items. When a new manufacturing order is created, all relations are replaced with particular stock items based on the chosen parameter values of the final product.
  • See examples of how to set up a BOM with Parameters.

Using parameters and values to define product variations

Example relation 1:

Relation: "Power parameter to PSUs"
"Power" value Corresponding PSU
200W #A-01, PSU 200W
500W #A-08, PSU 500W
1000W #A-14, PSU 1kW
... ...

Example relation 2:

Relation: "Fabric-Color to material"
"Fabric" value "Color" value Corresponding material
Cotton Red #A-01, Red cotton
Cotton Blue #A-08, Blue cotton
Linen Red #A-14, Red linen
... ... ...
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