My Production Plan

My production plan section is for the worker to see his/her personal schedule and report production operations and used materials in real-time. It is an alternative to the simplified Internet-kiosk.

In My production plan, the following operations can be seen:

The user's personal schedule can be seen in a color-coded calendar and a list view.

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  1. Demo video: Real-time production reporting by workers.
  2. Configuring and accessing the My production plan.
  3. Production reporting in My production plan.
  4. Production reporting FAQ

Color coding in the calendar

The backdrop color in the calendar view indicates the status of the operation:

  • Not started, the planned start time is in the future;
  • The operation has been reported started;
  • Paused;
  • Finished;
  • (Red striped) Overdue. Should have been already started, if not started. Should have been already finished, if not finished.

The text color indicates the status of parts availability:

  • Not booked - all required parts are not booked;
  • Delayed - Some parts have not yet been received and will become available after the planned start time of the manufacturing order;
  • Expected - Some parts have not yet been received but will arrive according to the schedule;
  • Received - all parts are booked and in stock.

Access to the My production plan

For accessing the My production plan:

  1. Open a user's details page at Settings -> Human resources -> Users.
  2. Give access rights to the "My production plan". 

This user will see the My production plan section after they log in.

It is possible to configure the visibility of how many other operations the worker sees from the same Manufacturing order.

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