Move Stock Item

It is possible to move items in the stock to other locations, e.g. from one shelf to another. Whereas, different units of the same item can be at different locations.

Storage locations in MRPeasy represent shelves, racks, storage areas, or separate rooms inside one warehouse/site. The physical storage location(s) of an item can be saved in the stock lot details.

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  1. Move a single item.
  2. Bulk move stock lots.
  3. See also: Storage locations.
  4. See also: Transfer items to another warehouse.

Move a single item

For changing the storage location of a single item:

  • Go to Stock -> Stock lots and press the Move stock item button.
  • Or open the Stock lot Details page and press the Move stock item button in the Storage locations section.

For moving an item to a new location:

  1. Choose the Stock item.
  2. Choose the Stock lot of this item that will be moved. 
  3. Choose the Old place in stock from where it is moved.
  4. Enter the Quantity, that will be moved.
  5. Enter the New place in stock to where it will be moved.
  6. Save.

Move items in bulk

For changing the storage locations of stock lots in bulk:

  1. Go to Stock -> Stock lots.
  2. Check the checkbox at the end of each stock lot line you wish to move.
  3. Click on the Bulk editing button.
  4. Fill in the details. 
    • The header row allows for bulk updating of the new storage location column across all lines at once.
  5. Save.
    • The chosen stock lots are moved to the new location(s).
    • If the stock lot was located in two or more storage locations, then all old locations will be changed for new.
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