Workstation Groups

The Production planning -> Workstation groups section contains a list of all workstation groups.

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What is a workstation group?

A workstation group is a group of workstations that can all do the same tasks. For example,

  • A "CNC" workstation group with five CNC machines;
  • An "Assembly" workstation group with two assembly tables;
  • A "Heat treatment" workstation group with one oven.

Workstation groups together with workstations define your production capacity. 

Note that:

  • Workstation groups are necessary for the software for it to be be able to pick a suitable and available workstation for an operation.
  • A workstation must must belong to a workstation group.
  • A workstation can only belong to one workstation group.
  • Workstations from different sites can be included in one workstation group.
  • When defining an operation in a product's routing a corresponding workstation group must be chosen. Only during production scheduling, a specific workstation is assigned by the system.
Workstation group Workstation Default worker Workstation's hourly rate Productivity
Workstation group A Workstation A1 Worker A 50 1
Workstation A2 Worker B 50 1
Workstation group B Workstation B1 Department B 15 1
Workstation B2 Department B 15 1
Workstation B3 Department B 30 3
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