The section Production planning -> Routings contains the list of all the routings.

From this page, it is possible to

  • edit and add Routings,
  • import new or update existing Routings via CSV upload,
  • to see the rough estimate cost of the Routing (to get an accurate estimate you need to create a MO).

Jump to:

  1. What is Routing? How is it used in production planning?
  2. How to enter a Routing in MRPeasy?
  3. How is the operation duration calculated?
  4. How are the manufacturing overhead and labor costs calculated?
  5. How are operations assigned to workers? How to set default workers or departments?
  6. Examples of Routings.
  7. How to update the Routings of already planned Manufacturing Orders?
  8. How to export a Routing?
  9. How to import a Routing?
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