CRM Section - For Sales

The CRM section is a complete Customer Relationship Management system, which allows:

  • managing customer orders, 
  • tracking orders through the sales pipeline from quotation to shipping,
  • create quotations and invoices, tracking payments,
  • seeing sales statistics,
  • managing price lists,
  • managing customers and next contact dates,
  • handling customer returns,
  • seeing cashflow forecasts,
  • seeing the profit and loss statement for the entire company or by customers.

The CRM section has the following sub-sections:

CRM - Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Customer Orders:

  1. Demo video: Customer Orders.
  2. Working with a Customer Order.
  3. Send invoices, order confirmations, quotations.
  4. Estimate costs and lead time.
  5. Cost and profit calculation.
  6. Book products.
  7. Cancel or modify bookings.
  8. Ship products.
  9. Kitting: kits and bundles.
  10. Bespoke make-to-order, unique, one-time products.
  11. Customer Order statuses.
  12. Product statuses.
  13. Invoice statuses.
  14. Payment statuses.
  15. Import a Customer Order.


  1. Contact information.
  2. Several delivery addresses, a separate billing address. 
  3. Documents in another language.
  4. Credit limit.
  5. Default payment period for the customer.
  6. Import customers.
  7. Track interactions and next contact date.

Invoices, quotations:

  1. Send invoices, order confirmations, quotations.
  2. Prepayments.
  3. Credit-invoice, and/or receiving returned products.
  4. Edit document PDFs.


  1. Price lists.
  2. Update a price list.
  3. Update an item in all pricelists.
  4. Import a price list.

Customer returns management:

  1. RMA order.
  2. RMA statuses.
  3. RMA types.
  4. Receive returned products.
  5. Inspect returned products.
  6. Refund only.
  7. Return and refund.
  8. Return and no refund.
  9. Repair or maintenance.
  10. Replacement.
  11. Reject a return.
  12. Add returned items into inventory.

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