Workstation Group Details

The workstation details page, accessible from Production planning -> Workstation groups, shows the configuration and information of a workstation. A workstation group is a group of similar workstations.

This page allows:

  • editing the general properties of a workstation,
  • adding custom holidays,
  • specifying custom working hours,
  • specifying the workstation group's color.

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  1. What is a workstation group?
  2. What is a workstation?
  3. What are workstation group's properties?

Workstation Group Properties

  • The number is a unique code for this group of workstations.
  • Name is the name of the group.
  • The number of instances is used during group creation only, for automatically creating up to 20 workstations. More can be added at Production planning -> Workstations.
  • Hourly rate is used during group creation only. It allows assigning an hourly rate to all automatically created workstations. Once the workstation group is saved, the hourly rate can be edited in particular workstation details at Production planning -> Workstations.
  • Custom working hours provides an option to define custom working hours different from those defined for the company under Settings -> System settings -> Work hours.
  • Custom holidays provides an option to define custom free days different from those defined for the company under Settings -> System settings -> Holidays.
  • Color is the color for operations that are performed on workstations of that group in the following calendars:
    - The Gantt chart at Production planning -> Production schedule -> Gantt chart
    - The Execution report at Customer -> All customers summary reports
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