Two-factor authentication

The Two-factor authentication functionality provides higher security when logging in by requiring the user to authenticate using two-step verification/login. Every time the user logs in the additional code will be generated and sent to the user, what he/she should enter.

This functionality can be enabled at  Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Two-factor authentication (2FA).

If this function is enabled:

  • it is possible to force users to perform 2-step verification at signing in (configured per user).
  • Users must use their smartphones (iOS,  Android or BlackBerry only) to generate a special code and enter it for signing in.

Please do not try to switch that On without complete understanding how it works.

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging in

  1. Enable it at Settings -> System settings -> Enterprise functions -> Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  2. Install the Google Authenticator app on the user's phone who will use 2FA:
  3. Go to Settings -> Human resources and open the user's details page.
  4. Enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for the user and Save changes.
  5. Click link Show 2FA key.
  6. Open Google Authenticator app.
  7. Click Begin setup or +.
  8. Click Scan barcode and scan a QR-code that is displayed,
    or click Manual entry.
  9. Enter the key to field Key.
  10. The account can be your MRPeasy username.
  11. Time-based must be turned on.

If 2FA box is checked for a particular user, the software will ask to enter the authentication code every time when logging in. The user should:

  1. Open Google Authenticator app.
  2. Enter the code that is generated by the app.
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