The Settings -> Human resources -> Users section shows a list of the users of the system. It is possible to edit their rights and see a log of their actions.

This page allows:

  • adding or editing users,
  • accessing the database log,
  • accessing users' actions logs,
  • accessing users' reports.

Jump to:

  1. Demo video: User management.
  2. Tips and tricks.
  3. Set user's access permissions and options.
  4. Enable the internet-kiosk.
  5. How to add users to the free trial?
  6. How to add users to the subscription?
  7. What is a free user?
  8. Access the user actions logs, database logs, audit logs.
  9. Change a user's password.
  10. Change the account administrator.
  11. Delete a user.
  12. Restore a deleted user.

Tips and tricks

Adding new users to the free trial

Users can be added freely during the free trial. 

  1. Click Create button to start adding new users at Settings -> Human resources -> Users.
  2. Enter the user's details and access permissions.
  3. Save.

Free users

A free user (team member) is an entry defined in Settings -> Human resources -> Users without any rights, any access permissions (ALL checkboxes are unchecked).

So-called 'free user':

  • is not billed for,
  • cannot log in,
  • may have assigned manufacturing operations.
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