The Settings section of MRPeasy gives the ability to:

  • modify the settings of your MRPeasy account,
  • set your company details and regional settings,
  • define work hours, holidays, business days, etc.
  • enable additional functionality,
  • configure functionality and the user interface,
  • access account and billing options,
  • access customer support options,
  • manage users and departments,
  • create and modify different production sites and stocks,
  • download database backups and restore backups.

The Settings section has the following sub-sections:

  • System settings - contains the settings which customize how the application works.
  • Account and billing - where you can manage your subscription.
  • Human resources - contains settings regarding users, departments and departments planning.
  • Production sites/Stocks - allows managing multiple physical stocks and/or production sites at different geographical locations. Available with the Multi-Stock and Production Sites functionality.
  • Support - contains conversations with Customer Support (the Support Ticket System), purchasing of training hours and launch packages.
  • Database maintenance - contains options for downloading and uploading backups, clearing the database.

Settings - Frequently Asked Questions

Account and billing:

  1. How to order MRPeasy?
  2. How to see and pay invoices? (incl. bills for additional users, training, ordered customizations).
  3. How to order more users?
  4. How to change the billing cycle?
  5. How to choose the Corporate plan?
  6. How to change your pricing plan?
  7. How to change the company name and contact e-mail for billing for the account?
  8. How to delete your account?


  1. How to add users to the free trial?
  2. How to add users to the subscription?
  3. What is a free user?
  4. How to access the database logs?
  5. How to set user access permissions?
  6. How to hide costs and prices from the user?
  7. How to enter the hourly wage for labor cost calculations?
  8. How to enable the internet-kiosk?
  9. How to give order approval rights?
  10. What is the lock handler?
  11. How to limit the IP addresses the user can log in from?
  12. How to enable two-factor authentication?
  13. How to change the password?
  14. How to delete a user?

MRPeasy system settings:

  1. Where can I define my company details - name, billing address, etc.?
  2. Where can I define the regional settings - base currency, the first day of the week, time zone, etc.?
  3. How do I define additional foreign currencies and exchange rates?
  4. How do I change the default numbering formats for documents?
  5. Where can I enable Professional package functions?
  6. Where can I enable Enterprise package functions?
  7. What are the Software settings, which re-configure functionality?
  8. What are the Usability settings, which re-configure the user interface?
  9. How to add custom fields to the MRPeasy database?
  10. How to define custom write-off types?
  11. How can I edit PDFs of Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc.?
  12. How can I manage different warehouses and production sites?


  1. How to configure integrations?
  2. How to connect with QuickBooks Online?
  3. How to connect with Xero?
  4. How to add attachments in MRPeasy?
  5. How to display images and CAD files?
  6. How to connect with Pipedrive?
  7. How to connect with Shopify?
  8. How to connect with Magento?
  9. Where is the API documentation? (API usage is available only on Unlimited plan)

MRPeasy support:

  1. How can I reach MRPeasy customer support?
  2. How to access the Quick Help?
  3. How can I order personal training?
  4. How can I get personal implementation help?
  5. How can I allow/deny technical support access to my database?

Database maintenance:

  1. How can I download a backup of the database?
  2. How can I restore my database from a backup?
  3. How can I clear the database?

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