Vendor Reports

Each vendor has several statistical reports, which can be accessed from Procurement -> Vendors, by clicking on the Reports Reports button on a vendor's line.

Jump to report:

  1. Vendor Purchases - list of purchases from the vendor.
  2. Vendor Terms - list of the purchasable items from this vendor with the possibility to bulk edit.
  3. The statistical "On-time percentage" and "Average delay" are shown on the Procurement -> Vendors page.

Report “Purchases”

This report shows the list of purchases from this Vendor – what has been purchased at what price.

The report:

  • Includes POs, which have their "Arrival date" within the report's period.
  • Includes POs without an "Arrival date" (i.e. POs which are not received or partially received) if the PO "Expected date" is within the report's period.
  • Ignores canceled POs.

Report “Purchase terms”

This report shows the list of goods that can be purchased from this Vendor, along with terms such as purchase price, lead time, minimum quantity, etc. 

This is the list of purchase terms associated with this vendor.

Click Bulk editing to edit the selected purchase terms in bulk. 

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